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Nikolaos Aletras


I am an Applied Scientist at Amazon, currently working on the Machine Learning Core team and previously on Alexa, the voice service that powers the Echo speakers. Prior to that, I worked as a Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science at UCL, Media Futures Group and I completed a PhD in NLP at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Dr. Mark Stevenson.

My main research interests are in Natural Language Processing. More specifically, I'm interested in applying statistical methods for detecting the underlying topics in large volumes of text data as well as quantifying semantic similarity between words by developing distributional representations.

I also enjoy working on making sense of user-generated content in social media. I use supervised Machine Learning methods to infer user attributes and unveil patterns in language use by groups of people with different characteristics, e.g. occupation or income.

My research interests include:

  • Topic Modelling
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Legal Forecasting

For more details see my CV.

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