Mar 2023

Research Staff

PhD Students

Past Members and Visitors

  • Cass Zhao (Research Associate, 2021-23) $\rightarrow$ Lecturer, University of Sheffield
  • Samuel Mensah (Research Associate, 2021-23) $\rightarrow$ Research Scientist, JP Morgan
  • Mali Jin (PhD student, 2019-23) $\rightarrow$ Research Associate, University of Sheffield
  • Yida Mu (PhD student, 2019-23) $\rightarrow$ Research Associate, University of Sheffield
  • Shakshi Sarma (Visiting PhD student from University of Tartu, Estonia, 2023)
  • George Chrysostomou (PhD student, 2019-22) $\rightarrow$ Research Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Xiao Ao (MSc student - intern, 2021)
  • Marina Fomicheva (Research Associate, 2019-21) $\rightarrow$ Director of Research,
  • Hardy (PhD student, co-supervised with Andreas Vlachos, 2019-21)
  • Tulika Bose (Visiting PhD student from LORIA-INRIA, 2021)
  • Areej Alokaili (PhD student, co-supervised with Mark Stevenson, 2018-21) $\rightarrow$ Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ilias Chalkidis (PhD student, co-supervised with Ion Androutsopoulos, 2018-21) $\rightarrow$ Research Associate, Coastal NLP, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fred Blain (Research Associate, 2019-20) $\rightarrow$ Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • Twin Karmakharm (Research Engineer, 2019)
  • Antonis Maronikolakis (Intern, 2019) $\rightarrow$ PhD student, Sch├╝tze Lab, LMU Munich, Germany

Past Group Photos

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